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Our partnership from OL 341 From the Ground up for Adaptation would like to share research we conducted for our project on river pollution. There are a combination of resources related to policy, waste water, and communications/education programs. We look forward to sharing this with the community and hearing your suggestions.

Carmen Tedesco and Federico Alice

Tags: communications, environmental education, policy, river pollution, waste, water

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Dear Carmen,


Thanks for sharing!!


I just read your document, and find it very good.

I was only wondering, in the 1st activity:

Local policies that encourage the use of clean technologies for waste water disposal


Are these technologies called "clean technologies" beacause they have a low carbon footprint? Where do their energy comes from?

Which "clean  technology" did you find to be the mos suitable ? (if the article, wich I haven't read, provides with specific examples)


Thanks again!!!




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